Art is a matter of our heart

Pipitér as a Gallery.

In 2009, with the purchase of the dilapidated buildings, our aim was to realise three main visions in partnership: the presentation of our painting and graphic art collection, with hospitality and accommodation in the Old Village. Our first picture was Imre Bukta’s graphic work “Gyöngy tyúk búra alatt” “Pearl Hen under a Dome” from 1991. Since the Pearl Hen, the collection has grown by nearly 100 works, some of which can be seen in the spaces of our two buildings.


With our local patriotic team, in November 2023, we brought Pipitér-köz to life: we turned the most beloved of the thousands of pedestrian thoroughfares in the country into a cultural space and an ever-renewing open-air exhibition. With the first exhibition, we commemorate the lives and thoughts of writers who have retreated to the Eszterházy Castle over the past seventy years. The exhibition will be renewed at the end of August 2024 with a photo exhibition by Imre Bukta, Kossuth Prize-winning painter.

Living past

The Eszterházy Castle – now known as the House of Creation of Szigliget – is not only a literary centre today, but all the great writers and poets of the past seventy years have spent their leisure time and created in the building with its rich historical past. Among others, Péter Esterházy, István Örkény, Magda Szabó, Imre Csurka, János Pilinkszky, Zoltán Zelk, György Bölöni (it was not only on his initiative that the castle became a House of Creation in the 1950s), Tibor Déry, István Fekete, Ágnes Nemes-Nagy or Árpád Göncz stayed here.

Not just them, but all 22 writers and poets are dear to our hearts, and their works are highly valued, and we honour them with this exhibition.

Photo: István Fekete in the park of the Esterházy Castle, the House of Creation, Szigliget, 1966 (Fortepan / József Hunyady)